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Ways to be informed and involved

Take a look below at the ways God is at work in the Nazarene church Globally and be thinking and praying about ways you might be a part of it!

+ World Evangelism Fund

The World Evangelism Fund

+ Nazarene Global Missions

+ Compassionate Ministries

+ Alabaster Offering

+ Easter Offering


As followers of Christ, we are all called to be ambassadors of the Kingdom throughout the world.  And through the global Church of the Nazarene, you are doing exactly that.  Not only are you showing Christ’s love to your neighbors locally, but you are also showing it to those thousands of miles away.  When supporting the global Church of the Nazarene, you are supporting the actions of Nazarenes loving others in Christ’s name, truly making Christlike disciples in all nations.  To donate, click here.

+ World Mission Broadcast

+ Jesus Film


To learn more about Nazarene JESUS Film teams and JESUS Film Harvest Partners, click  here

+ Child Sponsorship

Child Sponsorship

When a woman from Oregon (U.S.A.) decided in 1995 to sponsor a little girl from the Philippines, she couldn’t possibly know how God would honor that investment. God planted a dream in that child’s heart that would bring her from poverty to a life of learning. Today she is the lead developer for the new website and is investing her life in others. Child sponsorship changes lives! Click here to explore sponsoring a child.  Read more at

+ Care and Connection

Care and Connection

Participating missionaries are assigned to districts to help foster a personal connection between missionaries and the local church. A Links relationship fosters a sense of involvement with Nazarene Missions through regular correspondence from missionaries, updates from their field of service, and presentations by their Links missionary when they are on home assignment.  Click Here to find out more.

Want to know more about Church of the Nazarene missions? NMI Central is a weekly email publication focusing on the work of the Church of the Nazarene. Every week prayer needs and praise reports for the global ministries of the Church of the Nazarene and our missionaries will be listed as well as ways you can get involved. It is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French. See the past archive of NMI Central publications click here or Subscribe to NMI Central How can I pray for our Nazarene Missionaries?

Our New LINKS Missionaries

Stan and Aimee are serving in Croatia Click here to see their Bio.

How can I pray for our Nazarene Missionaries?

Click the links below to learn of specific needs for each missionary.

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