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KidsQuest meets each Wednesday from 6:30-7:45 pm in the Breakaway Room (doors open at 6:15 pm).

KidsQuest is a high-energy program that is lots of fun. Make new friends, grow through special compassion projects, and rotate through action-packed discovery centers, where the Bible is reinforced through games, crafts and activities.

Sunday Mornings

Small Groups from 9:30-10:45 am for Kindergarten through 5th grade
This hour we use the Hands-On curriculum with one-point learning that helps kids remember.  The hour is loaded with interactive teaching tools unique to the various age levels. There is active learning and life application that keeps kids’ attention.

Kid’s Church from 11:30 – 12:10 for Kindergarten through 5th grade
Children are invited to the Breakaway Room to participate in a worship time designed just for them, while their parents take part in the worship service.  On fifth Sundays during the year, parents will gather their children after Sunday School and sit together with them in the worship service.   



Our children have decided to invest personally in the lives of two children in need; Tricia is  through Compassion International and Nimai is through Nazarene Compassionate Ministries.  The money that the children donate on a weekly basis allows Tricia and Nimai to receive opportunities and services that most of the world’s poorest children do not have access to. They are also being taught about Jesus.

So what can you do as a family to help support this commitment your kids have made?

First, take time to pray with your children for Tricia, Nimai, and their families.

Second, help remind your children to bring their dollar every month.

Third, our children have a wonderful opportunity to send words of encouragement that will make a big difference in Tricia and Nimai’s lives. These letters will reaffirm that someone in addition to their family really cares about them.



My birthday is February 10, 2015
My country is Bangladesh.

Nimai is four years old and lives in Bangladesh, a small country between India and China on the Bay of Bengal.

Nimai’s mother is a housewife and his father is a day laborer.  He likes to help his parents and he likes going to Sunday School.



My Birthday is January 7, 2002.
My country is Philippines.

Tricia lives with her father and her mother. At home, duties include gardening and helping in the kitchen. Her father is sometimes employed as a farmer and her mother maintains the home. There are three children in the family.

For fun, Tricia enjoys singing and playing with her dolls. She attends church activities and Bible class regularly and is in school, where her performance is average.

No KidsQuest in the month of August.